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4140 MS Hwy 7 N
Holly Springs
United States

(901) 299-9296

Weesner Meadow is a natural ranch near Holly Springs. Direct sales - lamb, pork, beef, livestock & Italian Maremma livestock guardian dogs.


Family Blog

Daily challenges establishing our natural ranch. 

Frozen Tomatoes

Jeff Weesner

It’s kinda cool to pull a treat from the freezer. My latest favorite is Karen’s red sauce we made at the end of last year’s season. 

It’s the extras. I don’t always eat meat. I don’t even eat at every meal. “Will I really enjoy it? Will I feel good, healthy? Is eating now better that what I have at home?” Do I feel fairly lean? Strong?”

I know I’ll want home made tamales or ground beef patty with onions, later. Summer is for celebrating life. That means fresh local veggies, olive oil, pesto, fruit and stuff from sourdough starters, yogurt, home brew... The season is alive!

Ribeye Brunchfast

Jeff Weesner

Grass fed & finished, aged 28 days

Thaw in fridge 1 day (almost too tender for the grill)

Coat w marjoram, salt & pepper,  

Mortise & Pestle sesame seed then mustard for the outer coat

Grill, 1st turn brush a very little 1/2 olive oil mixed & melted grass fed Irish better

Separately, simmer fresh onion, garden peppers. Tip of dried hot pepper, until onion is translucent. Add B&B pickles.

Plate with cool lettuce. 



2 hard days off, mud wins

Jeff Weesner

My brother and his 3 boys are visiting the farm, etc. He and I dug plumbing on day 1 and cleared head high thicker brush in day 2. Eating ice cream on the square was a relief.

Horseshoes and dinner, parallel conversations... 

Competing phones, games.

Today i have a rare opportunity to impress the twins. Food, movie, music. In the end it was sandwiches with my son, errands, feeding dogs. And regenerating a hogs' mud pit.

Twins wanted to feed dogs. Letting the water overflow the river starte, islands, pushing water and walls. No phones. Transfixed work, choice, creation and never looking to stop. Just thoughts sloshing in the sun and dogs in the shade.