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Weesner Meadow is a natural ranch near Holly Springs. Direct sales - lamb, pork, beef, livestock & Italian Maremma livestock guardian dogs.

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Daily challenges establishing our natural ranch. 

In praise of baked bacon

Karen Weesner

We have been selling our pork at the Farmers Market at the Agricenter this summer, and what an experience it has been.  All the kids help us - Ryan is the chief cash register man and keeps us on track with goals, Seth organizes the freezers and hands out recipe advice, and Grant tries to look awake and hands out price sheets.  The vendors at the Agricenter have been great and so have the consumers.  Now one thing I have been really surprised about is the sale of our bacon.

Bacon is a tricky thing to cook for me.  It starts out slow and then cooks at an exponential rate until you reach the critical mass stage and then you have to grab it off at just the right time before crispy turns to tooth breaker or burned.  Seth likes his bacon crispy so I have tried to excel at this over the years and have tried many ways to do it.  Thick bacon, thin bacon, cast iron skillets.  I've tried it all.  With limited success.

Then I found the perfect recipe for me.  Baking the bacon.  When you cook the bacon in the oven there are no grease burns, no splatters to dodge, just yummy goodness.  It does lengthen the time to cook the bacon but that just opens the window of finding the perfect crispiness without overdoing.  Now most of the recipes on the net suggest a 400 degree oven with a 17-20 minute cook time.  I, however, lower the oven to 300 and allow it to cook longer.  Maybe even 40 minutes.

Then the fat doesn't melt the way it does on higher temperatures, it just caramelizes.  It gets crispy with a great chew to it.  With no turning or burning, it comes out perfect.  Who doesn't like that?  I have been pleasantly surprised that about half our customers already bake their bacon, and the rest look at us strangely but come back the next week for more.  Could be because our bacon is the best (which it is) but I'm sure it helps that they have found a better way to cook it.