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Weesner Meadow is a natural ranch near Holly Springs. Direct sales - lamb, pork, beef, livestock & Italian Maremma livestock guardian dogs.

Family Blog

Daily challenges establishing our natural ranch. 

The Ferocity and Fragility of Lambs

Karen Weesner

We are fairly new farmers.  City folks embracing a bucolic country setting with animals all around.  And it is daunting at times.  Usually Hilarious.  And today a little philosophic.  

This is our first lambing season that we have had multiple births close together.  We had nothing to do with that but the ram and the ewes apparently finally got their timing straightened out.  When our little single births were born we spent each day hoping they were staying with their mom, cause it is a big bad world out there.  They were timid and excitable.  Foolishly running alone when strangers came to call.  Lambs are gorgeous but as little singles in the pasture they scare me to death.

Now we have 5 born this week.  I worry about them too but now we get to see the other side.  When the little lambs travel together they think they are invincible.   The moms were hanging out with me getting some hay and the babies were hugging a tree watching.  Then one pounces.  Not on anything, really.  Just pounces for the joy of pouncing.  Then it was like watching popcorn in a pan.  They might just pop straight up or jump on the next one.  They pretend to fight and then whoosh off they run as fast as they can.  My five little babies running almost as far as they can in the pasture with their dad on the other side of the fence running along side them.  They have their moment of freedom and invincibility do a few jumps and back they come running as fast as they can to their moms.  

They just amaze me as for a moment in time they become their own little herd of children, mimicking their parents with no care for how truly fragile they are.  I guess they are like our own children, brave when they know they have a sheltering group to run to.