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Weesner Meadow is a natural ranch near Holly Springs. Direct sales - lamb, pork, beef, livestock & Italian Maremma livestock guardian dogs.


Maremma LGD

Adult guardian dogs available. All neutered or spayed. Great personalities. Limited number of companion dogs ready.

We breed, work and sell beautiful Maremma Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD field ready dogs (18 mos.+)  Purebred, registrable, raised in the fields with livestock, acclimated to cattle and people. 

In Italy, it is the most prevalent livestock guardian dog, working best as groups of 3-4. We suggest two. Our priority is to keep the dogs with calm & assertive, experienced owners working with livestock, farm, service dogs or working companions.

Maremma is an old world breed descended from working family dogs of the Italian Alps.  Its principle function is guardian of your place, livestock and people.  She is perceptive, assertive and devoted to her family pack.

A nice note from an Oregon rancher at the second home of one of our young females.

Just got back home and I wanted to let you know that Regina continues to do well.

I had one of my friends watch her while we were away. As I didn’t want to set back any of her training while we were gone incase she got any bad habits. She did well at my friends farm, and kept the coyotes away from there really well and enjoyed some fun walks and companionship from my friend and her dogs.

I have been back several days now and she is back into her routine here. She is doing well with the sheep, and seems to enjoy life here. Her and Abe are good friends, and she also enjoys some play time with Luc, the other guard dog, and she plays with Jill, one of my herding dogs, too. She loves to play in the pond and goes for dips in the pond several times a day. She enjoys a good rabbit hunt and can be seen chasing jack rabbits across the property on occasion. She did try and catch one of my lambs once, when she was in a small area with them. I think she was just being playful, and didn’t do any harm. I was right there and told her No, and ran over to make her stop. She did and seemed to understand that was not a good idea. Since then she has been very gentle with them again.

I have been taking her training more seriously since I have been back from our trip and I am getting her used to the sheep in many different situations. I have had her tied up and watching while I tag the young lambs, so she can see what it is like when they are in tight places and more nervous. During the days while I am home, I rotate her around to different pastures and to different groups of sheep, so she can get used to different sized areas to guard, and so she learns to accept new and different sheep. The last few nights I have been having her sleep in a stall in the barn with a group of sheep, instead of out with Abe. I am wanting to help her bond to the sheep and get used to sleeping near them. She has done well with this. At our place she seems like she really likes to run, so I will often take her out with the ATV and let her run along behind it. I also let her have a good playtime with Luc, Abe or Jill often, so she learns that playing to be done with other dogs and not the sheep.

I made her a ID tag with her name on it and with our phone numbers on it. Luc and Abe got new ones too

Thankyou for sending me her breeders webpage (Weesner Meadow Farm, LLC). It was fun to go on there and look at there beautiful farm and see some of Regina’s relatives. I was thinking of sending them a note and letting them know she is doing well. Here are some recent picts of her on the farm.


Breed Characteristics

The Maremma is a friendly and even keel guardian. Known as a Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD), it has also achieved success as a companion dog, working dog and in agility or obedience. Sober and dignified, this loyal, brave and determined dog makes an excellent guard dog  without being a constant barker. It is more likely to communicate with one bark, watch, follow up while keeping its humans or livestock in close sight.  It is correctly described as affectionate, loyal and aware of threats.  It is very intelligent and its training requires mutual respect in handling and voice, and above all, consistency. It gets along with other dogs and pets and can be slightly reserved with strangers but not to excess. It takes its cue from the people it trusts.  People who are not welcome on your property will be held at bay.

At 80-120 lbs., the Maremma is not as bulky as many of its fellow LDGs, but has equal strength. Alert and independent, it is less likely to play fetch. A flock guard of impressive dominance and lifelong dedication, this breed takes control over its flock. Training and calm assertive direction are important. The more powerful the dog, the greater the consequences of errors and poor training.  Nevertheless, this rugged wolf-slayer breed has adapted into a marvelous companion, without losing its extraordinary conscience and working abilities. It will defend both house and master, and it is particularly attentive with children. The Maremma is a marvelous dog and loves its work. It is an enemy of predators and pests. She is held in high esteem by shepherds, especially in the Italian Alps where it thrives following humans and their flocks up the mountains as they seek fresh forage along the snow melt. In addition, its white coat and hearty constitution perform equally well in the southern US with adequate water, shade, companionship and summer nights. It is resistant to cold, rain and brambles.

All dogs are contented knowing what is expected of them and that their pack (or partnership) is stable.  Dogs feel and understand their owners well. Dog behavior reflects the stability of the owner.  Experienced owners should be calm, assertive and consistent in order for the dog to know what is expected.  Dogs have to understand 'no' for danger and your displeasure. You can not add excess love to a dog to teach desired behavior.  

Because of its size and strength, the Maremma is not typically a breed for beginners.

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Our sire and dams are UKC registered.

We have registered and registrable UKC Italian Maremma Guardian dogs, our early stock were started with dogs out of geographically diverse homes from the american club. We are fans of the UKC and the North American families, ranches and farms who promoted this unique breed. We are also appreciate the internationally influenced lines.