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4140 MS-7 N
Holly Springs, MS, 38635
United States


Weesner Meadow is a natural ranch near Holly Springs. Direct sales - lamb, pork, beef, livestock & Italian Maremma livestock guardian dogs.

Ready LG Dogs

Young & adult Maremma are ready for transport to new fields, rural farms and homes. The dogs can be purchased and exposed to livestock of your choice. 

Sometimes, it is a good idea to get a dog with a good start and big enough to deal with reality.

We always hold some dogs back from puppy sales to allow people to buy dogs past the puppy stage, dogs that are familiar with livestock and people.  You may select your dogs for purchase and relocation when you have time to introduce the dog to your routine and expectations. We can share some video or photos as time permits to help you select your dog.

A young Maremma is an enjoyable addition to your pastures or near a barn. A true Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) needs a calm assertive leader, who demonstrates with action and clear single words of encouragement or halting.  Your maremma will not be motivated by physical punishment or threats. The dogs are very good at reading your face and stature, learning where you are and what's next. 

Our dogs have lived with Sheep, Cattle & Large Black Hogs and some with Chickens. Between 6 months and into her or his early years, Maremma learn to exist with livestock and their lead person to recognize behaviors and routines. They instinctively sleep during the day and awake at night or as needed to watch and deter predators, large birds, feral dogs and people.

They can be highly trainable to your life and in concert with their instincts. Ours are calm, durable and agile when needed without extreme aggression. Their job is to accompany, scare away and escort off... without killing. That's not always true for wild animals.

When you meet your dog, let them acclimate to the animals - through a fence or stall. Simple words like "Leave alone", "NO," "Git", "Mine" and "Good" work well.  Our favorites are, "No bite" and "No jump" given consistently until it is habit. Let them eat without challengers or stay with them to redirect good behavior.  Have them present as you interact with the animals as you normally work - feed, water, herd, move fields, examine  or just visit.  

She will not be a dog to sit, fetch or herd with a whistle - although you may see glimpses all of this. She may be glad you are happy or just arrived, but it is expected to be short lived as she stays yards away, along tree lines or in tall grass.

We expect challenges for dominance among dogs, but you should never allow aggression near people as dogs will continue any behavior that is accepted and that seems to work for them.

Call or message us to choose and order your dog.