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4140 MS-7 N
Holly Springs, MS, 38635
United States


Weesner Meadow is a natural ranch near Holly Springs. Direct sales - lamb, pork, beef, livestock & Italian Maremma livestock guardian dogs.

Guardian Dog (live) - Italian Maremma - Deposit


Meat - Livestock - Maremma dogs.

Meat is sold in (1) individual gourmet cuts & sausages, or, (2) in bulk by the whole or half. [Quarters may be possible for beef.]  With prepayment, special cuts, cures and sausages may be arranged.  Bulk price is per hanging weight lbs. (before butchering), plus the price of butchering your specific cuts (passed through at cost [about 1.50, perhaps 2.50/lb.) The advantage of bulk is you select everything.

Livestock is farm-to-farm.

Our outstanding Maremma dogs are field raised and comfortable with people. Adults or puppies are best suited to calm, assertive, experienced owners. 

Guardian Dog (live) - Italian Maremma - Deposit


Guardian Dog (live) - Italian Maremma - Deposit

from 200.00

Registered. Breed is from the Italian Alps.  Outstanding, beautifully large agile guardian dogs. Tall, big boned, but not as heavy as mastiff breeds. Field & barn born, raised with livestock, comfortable with people, great deterrent instincts, handleable & responsive.  [Much cleaner & easier to work than the Great Pyrenese we've experienced.] Beyond its instinctive guarding ability, the breed has been engaged in obedience, agility and companionship. To promote health and temperament, the parents were sourced east and west coast.

Only seasonal shed, low allergy. $200 deposit, $550-700 full price. Priority is to keep dogs working with livestock or as service dogs.

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